Episode 320

Published on:

6th Mar 2024

Leveraging Instagram Broadcast Channels to Build REALTOR Referrals

In this enlightening episode, we talk with Tom Moffat and Brandon Love about innovative strategies for using Instagram to connect with REALTORS. From creating exclusive broadcast channels to utilizing the 'close friends' feature, this episode uncovers the power of personalized communication and relationship building on Instagram.

Key Points Discussed:

- The benefits of switching from a business to a creator account on Instagram for access to a wider array of music for content.

- Step-by-step instructions on how to create a broadcast channel on Instagram for engaging with followers.

- Utilizing the 'close friends' strategy on Instagram to foster deeper relationships with REALTORS by sharing specialized content.

- How DMs, video messages, and personal notes can be leveraged to nurture connections with class attendees and potential clients.

- Integrating Yam app with Gmail for mass personalized emails, helping REALTORS maintain a one-to-one relationship with their audience.

- Strategies for using Instagram and online presence to assist real estate agents in optimizing their digital footprint and marketing.

- Ensuring effective follow-up and engagement with class participants through the use of PDF handouts and personalized coaching videos.

- The collaboration with specialists Tom and Brandon on their podcast "Commission Breath" to discuss targeting realtors and mortgage brokers.

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