Episode 313

Published on:

17th Jan 2024

Unleashing YouTube Success for Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals

I am thrilled to bring you my conversation with the renowned YouTube strategist Sean Cannell. We dissect the nuances of creating powerful YouTube content for mortgage professionals, blending high-value content with the seamless use of AI and the irreplaceable human element that propels your marketing to new heights.

**Key Points We Discussed with Time Stamps:**

00:02:34 - Starting with available resources and emphasizing content value over production polish.

00:09:52 - Strategies for employing AI as a tool while maintaining the creative and strategic processes that define us.

00:16:27 - The critical role of continual learning and personal development in triumphing over the dynamic challenges of online marketing.

00:23:45 - The impact of short, magnetic YouTube videos and the importance of consistent improvement of your video production skills.

00:31:19 - Unpacking the YouTube algorithm and how to tailor content to match audience behaviors and preferences.

00:39:58 - The collaborative exchange on our respective experiences and strategies for designing videos that captivate and convert.

00:48:16 - Exploring the "perfect video" recipe from effective hooks to a call to action.

00:56:40 - Breakdown of the three Ps—passion, proficiency, and profit—in finding and dominating your YouTube niche.

01:03:12 - How to leverage brilliant content ideas from successful channels across various industries.

**Memorable Quotes from Today’s Episode:**

- "Start where you are, and build from there. It's about the message, not just the medium." - Sean Cannell

- "Building a community is about connection, not just conversion. It's about people, not just pageviews." - Me, Geoff Zimpfer

**Resources I Mentioned with Time Stamps:**

- [00:57:15] "YouTube Secrets" book by Sean Cannell

- [01:18:42] Sean’s free podcast and on-demand class, available here.

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