Episode 314

Published on:

25th Jan 2024

Embracing Digital Strategies with Jason Henneberry

We've got Canadian Mortgage innovatorJason Henneberry as our special guest on today's episode. Jason dropped invaluable insights on emotional selling, financial education, and the critical skills for thriving: audience building, deal creation, and deal conversion.

05:34 Tightened regulations impact mortgage market, 2025 surge.

07:32 Retail versus independent mortgage brokers in sales.

12:16 Real estate market shifting due to rising rates.

13:31 Business strategies evolving, focusing on social media.

18:39 Connect, convert conversations into meaningful business interactions.

20:27 Content should address emotional pain points effectively.

24:06 Key to education, expert status attracts engagement.

27:24 Loan officers teach real estate financing strategies.

29:49 Consistency and perseverance lead to success in business.

32:42 Unique situations go beyond traditional borrowing limits.

36:01 High income earners often seek alternate financing.

40:27 Prepare for future busy periods and adjustments.

43:46 Book focuses on deliberate practice, not habits.

44:54 53 days on program led to lasting habits.

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